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Proven 3 step Process


The key to success in any business or loan transaction is specifically PINPOINTing the desired outcome. We want to have an honest and open conversation about what your needs and expectations are. Once we have this organized and clarified, we can move to the next step.


A strategy is the best PLAN for effective results. Once we PINPOINT your OUTCOME, we will work with the end in mind and reverse engineer each step that must be completed to obtain your RESULT. You will love this process and, often times, will discover assets and opportunities you did not realize were available to you.


My clients regularly experience increased net business income, lower rates and costs on business or real estate loans and increased sales opportunities. All this creates additional PROFIT. Call now and let’s work together to potentially increase your PROFIT by executing a predictive PLAN that is designed to PINPOINT your desired outcome


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Joe Bricky


Kirk put $70,000 in my pocket.So, I cannot thank Kirk enough. If there is anyone I want to do business with, it's Kirk. I love the way he works and his dedication. Thanks for everything you've done!

Jordan Hoffman

School Teacher

Kirk went above and beyond our expectations for such a complicated transaction. As a first time home buyers, we felt well-informed and relaxed about the process. Thank you Kirk! We really had a great experience working with you.

Ashley Zwoyer


I had such a positive experience working with you previously and wanted to see if this was something you could help with or at least point me in the right direction. Looking forward to hearing from you

Rosario Marin

Former Treasurer of United States

Kirk understands the importance of words spoken and of servant leadership. In the years I have known him, I have seen Kirk time and again rise to the top of the industry to promote healthy business and practical solutions. He is dedicated to his industry, his family and his clients and his passion for helping people succeed makes him someone I am proud to call a friend and colleague

Charlie Jewett

Investment Adviser

Kirk's integrity is a rare jewel in today's world. I have hired and worked with Kirk on many different projects, at different times and across different industries and in each case I have learned from his knowledge, been motivated by his passion and enjoyed his character. I could not recommend him any higher than to say you will be happy to know Kirk and have him on your team

Tony Safoian

CEO IT Development Company

Kirk is a fearless leader who always speaks is mind. He takes on projects with enthusiasm and knows how to build a team around him. A renaissance man by nature, he can morph from strategist to salesman at will. All of this would make him like any Type A - but what sets him apart is that he really cares. He cares about the community, he cares about the people around him, and he wants to change the world for the better, if only in small but significant ways.

Testimonies from Our Satisfied Customers

Ivan Carney

Susan Chinsky

Donna Kreisler

Greg Dean

Donna Kreisler

Meet the author


Kirk Jaffe, CEO/Principal – Executive Management of $200MM private investment fund including Mortgage Notes, Real Estate Owned (REO) and Commercial Property Holdings. Has Overseen and held executive authority of over 20,000 real estate transactions in his 20-year real estate career including buying and selling of property, foreclosure, short sale, loan modification, rehabilitation of property with an aggregate over $1Bil value. Kirk has also originated over $280,000,000 of new Mortgages. Kirk is the past President of the Universal City/North Hollywood Chamber of Commerce as well as a former co0chair of the ALFN Commercial Practices Committee. He is active as a speaker and moderator of several trade organizations including the CA Mortgage Bankers Association (CMBA), Mortgage Banking Association (MBA), and the Attorney Legal Financial Network (ALFN). Mr. Jaffe is quoted or has been a guest of several media outlets including: KABC790 Talk Radio, NBC and the Los Angeles Daily News to name a few.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some signs that I need to set up my own mortgage packet

Anyone applying for a home mortgage should understand how to present their story accurately.

How detailed do my documents have to be

Presenting accurate information to an underwriter is important. The Mortgage ClassTM will show you exactly what important documents to upload, so your loan can potentially be approved faster and easier

What are the advantages of learning how to set up my own Mortgage Packet

Borrowers who understand how to accurately represent their financial file can potentially save money in fees and interest rate expense. These borrowers often times can qualify for longer mortgages with potentially no additional out-of-pocket expense.

Are you employed? Self-employed? Retired? Need a co-signer? Have poor credit?

The Mortgage ClassTM can help you present your story accurately and clearly to an underwriter.

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